Welsh Government must give greater support to Welsh agriculture

Local Assembly Member, Mohammad Asghar, today called on the Labour Welsh Government to provide greater support for Welsh farmers whose business is suffering due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Mohammad Asghar said:

“I had a productive discussion today with NFU Cymru who raised a number of issues and problems that the Welsh farming industry currently faces.”

“It is clear that problems regarding the distribution and storage of milk, meat and other produce is leading to shortages in the shops and good quality food is being wasted. This is a particular problem when produce is time limited such as milk.”

“I am advised this is caused by a lack of coordination between transport companies, the suppliers and supermarkets.”

“Farmers are losing money and it is imperative that Banks realise that support for agriculture is just as important as supporting businesses in other sectors of the economy.”

“The Welsh Government must step in as a matter of urgency to ensure Wales still has a viable and thriving farming sector when this crisis is over.”