Welsh Government cuts put its own programmes at risk

Mohammad Asghar AM, Assembly Member for South East Wales, said today that funding cuts imposed by the Welsh Government were putting its own programmes at risk.

In 2013, the Welsh Government launched its “Strategy for Older People in Wales”. This ten year programme aimed to improve the well-being of our senior citizens.

One of the Strategy’s policies is free swimming for the over 60s. 

However, from next April, the Welsh Government will cut funding for free swimming by £1.5 million.


Mohammad Asghar said:


“Last week, I asked the First Minister about the effect of this cut in funding on free swimming for the over 60s.”

“I pointed out that some people aged over 60 years old may not be able to access their usual sessions in future and may need to pay a subsidised amount for sessions.”

“I am very concerned to hear that Caerphilly Council has decided to stop free swimming for the over 60s altogether.”

“The First Minister must explain how he will deliver the aims of his Older People’s Strategy when his own funding cuts are denying our over 60’s the health and recreation benefits of free swimming.”