Newport leads the way on Proton Beam Therapy

Mohammad Asghar AM yesterday (19 July) visited Rutherford Cancer Centre in Newport which is the only centre in the UK at present treating cancer using Proton Beam Therapy.

Proton Beam Therapy kills cancer cells by using pencil beam scanning that allows the treatment to be delivered to the exact shape of the target area.

Unlike conventional radiotherapy this precise targeting spares healthy tissues beyond the tumour. This allows harder to reach tumours and those close to sensitive healthy tissues to be treated.

Proton Beam Therapy is particularly beneficial to treat children with cancer as it avoids some of the long term health consequences associated with radiotherapy.

Mohammad Asghar said:

“Rutherford Cancer Centre in Newport is the only facility in the UK at present offering Proton Beam Therapy.”

“Services offered at the centre are available to NHS patients as well as insured private and fee paying patients. It was fascinating to hear how Proton Beam Therapy can treat tumours without the damaging side effects of conventional radiotherapy.”

“I would like to thank Mike Moran, Chief Executive Officer, and his team for their warm welcome and hospitality in facilitating this very enjoyable and informative visit.”