Mohammad Asghar AM visits Roman Ampitheatre in Caerleon to discuss anti-social behaviour at the site.

Local Assembly Member, Mohammad Asghar AM, today (16 May) visited the Roman Ampitheatre in Caerleon to discuss ways of preventing anti-social behaviour at the site.


The Roman Ampitheatre is one of the largest and most important Legionary fortresses in Europe.


Mr Asghar arranged the visit after raising the issue of vandalism at this important ancient monument in the National Assembly on Tuesday.


During the visit he met Jonathan Berry of Cadw and Dr Mark Lewis , the senior curator of the National Roman Legion Museum.


Mr Asghar said:


“I am very concerned at the incidents of vandalism that have taken place at this site. Damage to the ancient stonework cannot be replaced and once lost it is lost forever.”


“Anti-social behaviour appears to take place after the site is closed with alcohol and drug abuse taking place. I was pleased to hear that Gwent Police are escalating neighbourhood patrols to try to combat this.


“Ultimately, it is a question of education and enforcement. People must be educated about the serious damage their behaviour can do and stopped from engaging in activities that put it at risk.”


“We must protect the Roman Ampitheatre so it can be enjoyed by future generations.”