Mohammad Asghar AM praises Tiny Rebel

Mohammad Asghar AM has praised a Newport Brewery following his visit to their premises today (10 May).

Tiny Rebel moved production to their current site on the Wern Industrial Estate in January 2017. A restaurant at the brewery was opened in July last year.

In 2017 Tiny Rebel produced over a million litres of beer using water from a natural underground spring. They export to 35 different countries, the largest overseas market being France.

Mohammad Asghar said:

“I would like to thank Bradley Cummings and his team at Tiny Rebel for hosting such an interesting and informative visit.”

“Tiny Rebel is a superb example of a successful small enterprise committed to the environment. Malt used in the brewing process is recycled as animal feed and the Company is currently looking at ways to use renewable energy and reuse the carbon dioxide produced.”

“Tiny Rebel has a strong community ethos which I very much welcome.”