Mohammad Asghar AM praises local optometric practice

Mohammad Asghar AM visited local optometric practice, Specsavers, in Friars Walk, Newport on 1 February 2018.

Practice Owner Craig Mackenzie says ‘Regular eye examinations are an important health check-up and can play a vital role in the detection of various health conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration’.

'We are proud to have Mohammad visiting us as part of our commitment to the Wales Eye Care Service which allows patients in Wales to access eye care across Wales free of charge to those how meet the criteria. We hope that Mohammad’s visit will encourage as many people as possible to have regular sight tests..….with more than half of all sight loss in the UK being recognised as avoidable, we are really pleased that the Wales Eye Care Service still provides us with the opportunity to see our patients close to their homes, in the community’


Mohammad Asghar said: “I am grateful to Craig and his team for allowing me to visit and to see the fantastic work this innovative community based centre is doing in providing quality clinical services.”


“NHS services are provided in partnership with Specsavers thereby reducing the pressure on local GPs and hospitals.”


“Better use of community optometrists will reduce waiting times for many as there will be improved access to a specialist eyecare service in every community able to manage the most common eye disorders.”