Local AM praises the value of community pharmacy

Following his visit to Pill Pharmacy in Newport, where he experienced at first hand a robot dispenser, Shadow Skills Minister Mohammad Asghar was impressed at the way community pharmacy is embracing new technology and upskilling the workforce.


Commenting on the visit he said: “In the ten years since I entered the National Assembly, the face of community pharmacy has changed so much. Seeing a robot selecting and dispensing medicines is the most futuristic example, but all the time more services are now being offered by pharmacies which they never used to do.


“I am determined to work constructively to make sure that an ever wider range of health services can be obtained closer to home for people in Newport and South Wales East. Pill Pharmacy is at the cutting edge of modern pharmacy and I was delighted to see not only the robot and their current provision but also to hear about their plans for the future. To have such broad ranging health provision on the high street in Pilgwenlly is a major asset for the diverse community there.”


Asim Ali from Pill Pharmacy said: “Installing the dispensing robot was a major first for Newport and we share the enthusiasm for making community pharmacy services as modern, wide ranging and accessible as possible. As Mohammad Asghar saw, community pharmacy is changing and Pill Pharmacy will continue to be at the forefront of making health on the high street accessible, cost effective and comprehensive.”