Local AM organises First Aid awareness course

Mohammad Asghar, Assembly Member for South Wales East, has organised a First Aid Awareness Course for constituents with St Johns Ambulance.

The event was well attended and taught first aid skills for lifesaving treatment.

Mohammad Asghar said “these essential skills can save lives and this is one way to promote new life saving skills, or just to refresh old ones.”

“It is common for people to learn First Aid and then not undertake any sort of top up course. In the meantime best practices change and the knowledge they have can become outdated.”

“Welsh Conservatives have been pushing for lifesaving First Aid skills to be taught in schools and so far no motion for a bill has been accepted.”

“I and my Welsh Conservative colleagues in the Assembly will continue to push to get these vital skills taught in school and I will hold several more First Aid Awareness courses to do my part in promoting lifesaving skills in Wales.”