Governments must act to tackle extremism says Newport AM

A Newport AM has warned of the growing problem of radicalisation in Welsh communities.

Newport AM, Mohammad Asghar, who has held Assembly debates on the problem in the past, said the Welsh and UK Governments have duty to take steps to protect citizens.

He was speaking after two arrests were made in Newport in connection with last week’s Parsons Green bombing.

South Wales East AM, Mohammad Ashgar, said:

“Today’s arrests have been frightening for residents from the area and radicalisation is a growing problem in Wales, but it is reassuring that our intelligence services are able to act so quickly to apprehend suspects.

“Whilst we mustn’t jump to any conclusions, we need to have an open and honest conversation about radicalisation in our communities.

“The law cannot take the place of familial and community responsibility, but our governments have a duty to take the action necessary to protect its citizens.