Covid-19: Shadow Minister reacts to new skills training scheme

Commenting on the announcement today (April 29) about further provision for training by Wales TUC and the Wales Union Learning Fund Programme, Mohammad Asghar AM – the Shadow Minister for Skills – said:


“This announcement should go some way to alleviate some of the anxiety many employees who have been furloughed or redeployed as a result of the pandemic and lockdown may be feeling.


“It has been an extraordinary time with few, if any, lives left untouched by how things are now, and are likely to be for the foreseeable future.


“It is too soon and, for many people, still too painful, to Iook for any positives to come out of this terrible time, but as a lifelong believer in education and training, I hope that some will find this enhanced provision beneficial so that they will come through this with new skills.


“A reskilled and adaptable workforce here in Wales will help the nation remain resilient, and this support should ensure that those with the greatest need have the greatest opportunities.”