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Asghar seeks assurances dust presents no public health risk

Mohammad Asghar AM has written to Newport City Council to seek assurances that dust generated by the development of the former Whiteheads Steelworks site presents no public health risk to residents of Mendalgief Road.

Mohammad Asghar said:

Bypass for Hafodyrynys under discussion

Mohammad Asghar AM, shadow Minister for Skills in the National Assembly, has received confirmation from Caerphilly County Borough Council that a Bypass for Hafodyrynys in under consideration.Mr Asghar has been calling for the Council to take action to reduce air pollution levels in this community following studies which reveal they exceed guidelines laid down by the World Health Organisation.  

Asghar calls for action to save Caerleon Training College

Mohammad Asghar AM has called on CADW to take action to save the former Caerleon Training College building which is currently part of the University of South Wales.UPDATE 08/08/2016: Mohammad Asghar Said: "I welcome the news that the Minister has ensured that the building will become listed as the protection of our historical assests is paramount to protecting the history of Wales for generations to come."

Concern over Air Pollution on the A472

Pollution levels on this stretch of road are at dangerous and very concerning levels. This is something I feel needs to be rectified and that is why I have contacted the Cabinet Secretary.