Assembly News

Action needed to avoid internet access 'bleak picture'

One of the biggest portals to the skills market in the 21st Century is through the internet. With the Welsh economy requiring increasingly a workforce with new skills. Welsh business and people want to see successful outcomes for themselves and Wales as a whole. Until the Welsh Government start making significant advances within their policy we will continue holding them to account for the lack of action taken so far.

Asghar calls for action to save Caerleon Training College

Mohammad Asghar AM has called on CADW to take action to save the former Caerleon Training College building which is currently part of the University of South Wales.UPDATE 08/08/2016: Mohammad Asghar Said: "I welcome the news that the Minister has ensured that the building will become listed as the protection of our historical assests is paramount to protecting the history of Wales for generations to come."

Swansea Tidal Lagoon report highlights failure to tackle skills gap

Findings from an independent report for skills in Wales has found a significant shortfall in what the current climate needs.Mohammad Asghar AM will be calling on the Welsh Government to take urgent action to close the skills gap in Wales to ensure the sustainability of the Welsh workforce is ensured to protect the interest of the people of Wales and the Welsh economy.

Diabetes education must remain a priority

I recently discovered that people being diagnosed with diabetes have not been given referrals to partake in the DAFYDD and XPERT diabetes courses to learn how to manage the condition effectivly. For people with diabetes, this is a matter of urgency, especially when preventative measures can be taken upon identification."People diagnosed with diabetes in Wales should be referred to an education course to learn more about the condition and how to live with it.""This is important as diabetes can lead to blindless, kidney failure and amputations." 

Asghar AM Raises Welsh Refugee Council Concerns

Mohammad Asghar AM has criticised the First Minister’s response to concerns expressed by the Welsh Refugee Council that we could create a two tier system in supporting refugees in Wales