Asghar to visit Uskmouth Power Station

Mohammad Asghar AM, Welsh Conservative spokesman on Skills, will tomorrow (18 August) visit Uskmouth Power Station which is run by the Liberty House Group.

Liberty House Group is an international business specialising in metals trading as well at the manufacture and distribution of steel and advanced engineering products.

Mr Asghar will tour the power station and will then meet to discuss several matters including the proposed Newport Tidal Lagoon and measures to improve the skills of the Welsh workforce so that they better meet the requirements of employers.

Mohammad Asghar said:

“I am grateful to Liberty House Group for allowing me to visit Uskmouth Power Station to discuss the skills gap in Wales.”

“A skilled workforce enables a nation to prosper, fuelling innovation and

driving an economy forward. In an increasingly competitive global market, it is more important than ever that Wales continues to develop and adapt its skills in preparation for the future.”

“I am concerned that a recent report said Wales is equipped to provide only 54% of what is needed to make and assemble the Swansea Tidal Lagoon’s main components. It is vital that major projects such as the Tidal Lagoon planned for Newport deliver the maximum gain for the Welsh economy.”

“I will be discussing with Liberty House matters relating to the lack of skills which employers are looking for.”

“It is time that Labour put the best interests of the people of Wales first by ensuring that we, as a proud nation of workers, are able to access the education and training needed to gain the skills needed to ensure that the Welsh economy thrives once again and permanently close the skills gap.”