Asghar raises concerns about bus route changes

Mohammad Asghar AM has written to Newport Transport to raise concerns about the effect of changes to a bus route on elderly and infirm constituents.

Newport Transport are to merge the city’s 10A/10C bus route with the Number 20 service to Spytty Retail Park.

Concerns have been raised with Mr Asghar about the effect this will have by elderly and infirm constituents who live in assisted living accommodation on the route.

Mohammad Asghar said:

“I have been contacted by a number of elderly constituents who live in assisted housing formerly served by bus stops on the 10A/10C route.”

“They have expressed concern that a number of the stops will no longer operate on the new 20A/20C service making it extremely difficult for elderly and infirm people to use the new service.”

“Further, they point out some of the stops along the new route are not productive and a better service would be provided by utilising some of the closed stops to facilitate the residents of these assisted living bungalows.”

“I have written to Newport Transport to find out if any consultations were undertaken before these changes were introduced.”

“I have also asked them to reconsider these changes to see what can be done to assist my constituents to access a convenient bus service.”