Asghar hears concerns on 5G Network Technology

Environmental Campaigners visited Mohammad Asghar AM/AC’s Constituency office yesterday (15 October) to raise their concerns about 5G Network Technology.

5G promises faster speeds and increased connectivity, allowing more devices to have access to the internet at the same time. The infrastructure to support 5G Mobile Networks is currently being rolled out throughout the UK. 

However, concerns have been raised about the health implications of this new technology as 5G uses higher frequency waves than earlier mobile networks and require more transmitters than before. 


Mohammad Asghar said


“I thank my constituents for visiting my office today.  I feel that it is essential that constituents can visit their elected representatives to discuss the concerns and issues that they face.  What matters to my constituents, matters to me, so I will always find time to listen to their concerns”

“We live in a technological age, where advancements are being made on a daily basis. 5G is the future however we need to ensure that whilst making such advancements we take care of the public’s health, wellbeing and that our living spaces are protected.”