Asghar consults constituents on Conservative Party Leadership

Local Assembly Member Mohammad Asghar AM today announced he will consult his constituents about who should get his vote in the Conservative Party leadership election.

As a member of the Conservative Party, Mr Asghar has a vote to decide whether Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson becomes Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister.

Before he casts his vote, Mr Asghar has decided to seek his constituents views on who he should vote for and why. ​


Mohammad Asghar said:

“There is fierce competition for the election of Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister.”

“Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are both intelligent, ambitious and articulate men-It’s a tough choice.”

“Having been contacted by numerous constituents who are upset that they are unable to vote, today I am doing something that I doubt has been done before.”

“I would like to give my constituents the chance to select our Prime Minister with my vote.”

“I would like to ask all residents of South Wales East to tell me who they would like to see as Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister of the UK.”

“I will read and listen to every view received and will give each reason my full consideration before deciding who to support.”

Responses should be addressed to Mohammad Asghar AM, Fairoak House, 15-17 Church Road, Newport NP19 7EJ or at the National assembly for Wales Cardiff CF99 1NA.

Emails should be sent to Mohammad.asghar