Asghar condemns vandalism at Caerleon Roman Amphitheatre

Local Member of the Welsh Parliament, Mohammad Asghar, today expressed his outrage that vandals have caused damage once again to the Roman Ampitheatre in Caerleon.

The Roman Ampitheatre is one of the largest and most important Legionary fortresses in Europe.

Mohammad Asghar said

“In May last year I visited Caerleon and met with a representative of Cadw and the senior curator of the National Roman Legion Museum after raising the issue of vandalism at the site in the National Assembly.”

“I am shocked to hear that damage has once again been inflicted on the ancient stonework”

“At that time, I was assured Gwent Police would be escalating neighbourhood patrols to try to combat this problem.”

“I will contact Gwent Police to raise my concerns once again at this mindless vandalism to this historic site which I totally condemn”