Asghar comments on Caerphilly Council Disciplinary Action

In his supplementary question to Hefin David’s Question 3 to the First Minister, Mohammad Asghar AM will say:


“I am sure you will agree that it is totally unacceptable for all concerned that a Chief Executive of a Local Authority can be suspended on full pay for more than six years.”


“I understand the case of Caerphilly Council’s former Chief Executive is the longest running disciplinary case of its kind in local government.”


“It is estimated the cost to the council is already more than four million pounds and could be as much as six million pounds. Mr O’Sullivan is reported to be taking his case to an employment tribunal.”


“I know you have indicated that the system need to be reviewed and reformed.”


“Can you advise when this review will commence and how long you expect the process to take, because this situation cannot be allowed to occur again in the future at huge cost to the public and to the lives and reputations of the individuals involved?”