Asghar calls for Repeal of Vagrancy Act

Mohammad Asghar. Assembly Member for South East Wales, has called on the Welsh Government to support moves to repeal the Vagrancy Act.


This Act is still used to this day, with anyone who is seen begging living on the streets liable for arrest.


Repeal of the Act is supported by various charities, such as Shelter Cymru, Cymorth Cymru and The Wallich.


Speaking in the National Assembly during questions to the Housing Minister, Mohammad Asghar said:


“The Vagrancy Act goes back to 1824 and makes it a crime to sleep rough or beg in England and Wales.”


“This Act does nothing to resolve the root causes of homelessness and, in fact, is more likely to push someone further from the vital services that help them off the streets.”


“Do you agree with me that no-one should be criminalised for being homeless or destitute and what action will you take to repeal the Vagrancy Act?”