Asghar calls for Action to improve Animal Welfare

Mohammad Asghar AM, Assembly Member for South East Wales, has called on the Welsh Government to take further action to improve animal welfare in Wales.

Speaking in the National Assembly during the Business Statement, Mohammad Asghar referred to consultations announced by the UK Conservative Government on further measures to protect animals in homes, farms and in the wild.


Mohammad Asghar said:


“The UK Government has announced it is to consult on steps to ban the keeping of primates as pets, bring in the compulsory microchipping of cats, and on improving the welfare of live animals during transport.”

“Please could we have a statement from the Minister for Environment, Energy & Rural Affairs confirming that the Welsh Government will carefully consider the results of these consultations and implement any recommended measures in Wales to ensure we maintain the highest standards of animal welfare?”


Commenting later, Mr Asghar said:


“I welcome the action of the UK Conservative Government to consult on measures to further improve animal welfare.”

“The Welsh Government must commit to studying the results of these consultations to ensure Wales has the highest possible animal welfare standards.”