Asghar and Davies visit Airbus to stress importance of cybersecurity

Mohammad Asghar, Assembly Member for South Wales East joined the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Paul Davies AM on a visit to Airbus UK’s Newport site.


Airbus’s Newport site is home to Airbus's Cyber Innovation Hub, the site specialises in secure connectivity and cybersecurity for military, government and critical national infrastructure customers, and NATO-led information infrastructure programmes


During a tour of the facilities, Davies and Asghar met with experts from Cardiff University who have partnered with Airbus to provide a focus for cyber security analytics in the UK and were able to view first-hand the products developed at Airbus's Cyber Innovation Hub to keep critical resources safe from cyberattacks.


Mohammad Asghar said:


“I was delighted to visit Airbus with Welsh Conservative Leader, Paul Davies AM. From my visit today, I can see that Airbus are clearly leading the way in Cybersecurity.  The need for secure connectivity and cybersecurity will only continue to grow as technology and the world evolves. 


Airbus choosing Newport as the home their Cyber Innovation Hub is highly beneficial to the retention of Welsh talent.  We need to see more innovative enterprises choosing to base their operations here.  The Welsh Conservatives will do all that we can to advocate for investment in Wales, by breaking down barriers that may hinder investment and promoting the growth of Welsh talent”.