AM’s Anger at Council’s over complicated refuse collections

Mohammad Asghar AM, Assembly Member for South Wales East, said today he has received many complaints from constituents about the new bins provided by Newport City Council for waste collection.


Mr Asghar said local residents in Newport have found the recycling system ‘irritating’ and ‘confusing.’ As a result, residents are worried that the Council will refuse to empty overflowing bins which are much smaller than the ones they replace.


Concerns have been raised that this could lead to a rise in vermin and also fly tipping by those who do not have enough room to throw away their domestic waste.


Mr Asghar said:


“The recycling system that the Council has adopted is over complicated.”


“Refuse collections in other towns and cities across Wales are much simpler and the Council should look to offer a more streamlined service for residents. Reducing the size of a bin is simply not the answer.”


“Fly tipping is something that I unfortunately see on a regular basis around Newport and I am very worried that this may increase with the new smaller black bins introduced by the council.”


“This month residents have received their new council tax demands which have increased massively. I feel residents are well within their rights to be frustrated with the Council forcing over complicated and costly measures in order to hit their recycling targets.”


“I believe this is only going to hinder recycling efforts within Newport.”