AM calls on Welsh Government to provide more support for further education

In Plenary the Shadow Minister for Further Education and Skills, Mohammad Asghar AM, called on the Welsh Government to step up and provide more support to the further education sector in Wales.


He said: “Further education is absolutely key to equipping Wales’ workforce with vital skills for them to succeed in life.


“Admittedly, the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted traineeships, apprenticeships and other important programmes – and since then I have liaised with officials from the further education sector who have warned me that more is needed to shield them from the pandemic.


“It is the role of the Welsh Government to help mitigate disruption. Therefore I urge Ministers to provide more measures to help the further education sector, such as an increase in mental health support, ensure pupils have access to computer equipment, as well as provide a timeframe for the reintroduction of assessments for vocational competence.”