Mohammad Asghar AM is to petition Newport City Council to create more green spaces in Newport

Mohammad Asghar AM for South Wales East is today launching a petition to support his bid to create a community green space in Newport.

A Planning Application currently before Newport City Council proposes to demolish St Mathew’s Church, Church Road Newport and construct fourteen self-contained flats.

Mohammad Asghar said:

“It has come to my attention that there is a planning application currently before Newport City Council for flats on the site of St Mathew’s Church.”

“The Council has advised me that Planning Officers intend to recommend approval of the proposal subject to conditions.”

“I believe this site should be used to create a community green space for the benefit local residents, particularly children who could use the space as a play area.”

“I recognise there is a need for affordable housing in Newport but there are plenty of other empty buildings around the city that could be converted for such use.”

“I am therefore launching a petition for a community green space which I will present to the Planning Committee.”